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New version of forum software!  


Jorg Schaaf
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11/07/2018 1:16 pm  

I just updated the forum software. Here is a summary with the update description:

wpForo Forum 1.5.0 | 09.07.2018

wpForo v1.5.0 Release Summary

  • Added: User Role-Usergroup Synchronization
  • Added: Automatically change Usergroup based on User Role
  • Added: Option to set Forum Usergroup for each User Role
  • Added: Supports User Role based Paid Membership Plugins
  • Added: Multiple Usergroups
  • Added: Secondary Usergroups
  • Added: Usergroup option to set as Secondary
  • Added: New permission “Can subscribe” in forum access set
  • Added: New permission “Can answer own question” in forum access set
  • Added: Edit post logging with date and author name
  • Added: Filter hook to control content length in email notification
  • Added: Filter hook to control text length in breadcrumb tabs
  • Added: Option to manage New Registered User email subject and body
  • Added: Admin note/message on Forum frontend (Forums > Tools > Misc)
  • Added: Display top admin bar for Editors and Authors as well
  • Added: Option to manage number of Members per page
  • Added: Ultimate Member | Forums Menu
  • Added: Ultimate Member | Profile Tab Forums > Created forum topics,
  • Added: Ultimate Member | Profile Tab Forums > Posted forum replies,
  • Added: Ultimate Member | Profile Tab Forums > Liked Posts,
  • Added: Ultimate Member | Profile Tab Forums > Subscriptions,
  • Added: Ultimate Member | Real-time notification integration,
  • Added: Forum Dashboard and Forum Home links in top admin bar
  • Added: Help links to documentation next to forum options labels
  • Added: Plugin deactivation reason dialog
  • Modified: Allow users to edit and delete own unapproved posts
  • Modified: Removed quote texts in recent topic/posts excerpts
  • Modified: Totally improved User profile builder functions
  • Fixed Bug: Duplicate meta title for the first Topic page
  • Fixed Bug: SEO issues and conflict with AIO SEO Pack plugin
  • Fixed Bug: Missing topic and post pagination buttons for guests
  • Fixed Bug: Wrong user information appears after login (HTML cache)
  • Fixed Bug: Max upload file size bug when it’s set 1MB
  • Fixed Bug: Dashboard > Forums menu Banned Users indicator issue
  • Fixed Bug: When forum is set as home page. Login Menu on home page adds extra domain in URL then return 404 error after login.