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MIDI: differences between the 2 inputs and 2 outputs?  


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25/08/2018 7:46 pm  

Hi, resposting here a question raised in the old forum but that we lost the answer...

When connecting the ACC to my PC I see 2 inputs and 2 outputs:
- inputs: Accelerator / MIDIIN2 (Accelerator)
- outputs: Accelerator / MIDIOUT2 (Accelerator)

What are the differences between Accelerator and MIDI IN/OUT 2 ?
> When to use the one and when to use the other?

Jorg Schaaf
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26/08/2018 6:52 pm  

One MIDI ports adresses the synth and the other the MIDI ports of the Accelerator. So you can use the Accelerator as a MIDI interface if I remember correctly.