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Performance mode: what is the logic of the LED?  


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25/09/2018 9:05 am  

trying to figure out the logic of the Acc navigation but would be pleased to get more explanations...
I'll make different posts so we can discuss the logic step by step.

This one is about the Perf LED
- start the Acc. You are in Performance mode and the Perf Led is ON. Dual mode is ON. Part is 0 (master). Fine. 
- If you change to Split or Multi then the Perf LED goes OFF. Why? I'm still in performance mode, no?
- If you go back to Dual, the Perf LED remains OFF...

Jorg Schaaf
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28/09/2018 3:22 am  

As soon as you edit anything, you leave the Performance mode. If you have selected split or dual and if you select part one (lower) and push program, you will select new sounds for the lower part. If you press Perform before selecting a new program, you are in Performance mode again and a program change will switch to another Performance.

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25/03/2020 8:21 pm  

I posted a related topic in the Firmware section as I think there is a bug there...

  • Acc start: Performance ON + Single OFF -> OK
  • Press Single: Performance OFF Single ON -> OK
  • Press Performance: Performance ON Single stays ON -> bug?