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enable midi sync

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I discovered that my Delta Cep doesn't receive MIDI clock, and found out in the manual that I might have to enable reception of midi sync data. I try to follow the instruction in the manual, but I actually can't really understand it:


1. SHIFT Hold down the [SHIFT] button to enter the utility menu. You must hold the button until all LEDs 1-8 are lit blue. If you release the [SHIFT] button afterwards, you have loaded the utility menu.

2. BIG KNOB Select the fourth submenu with the big knob. LED 4 lights up green when selected.

3. DENSITY Select the LED to the right of the [MORPH] BUTTON to select the function for receiving MIDI Clock.

4. SNAP Press the [SNAP] button to turn MIDI synchronisation on or off.

5. SHIFT Press the [SHIFT] button to exit the utility menu.


My guess is that the "Density" is a typo, and that it is just the morph button that's supposed to be pressed? But when I do this and then press the snap button, nothing really happens. How am I supposed to know if the MIDI sync is turned on or off?

I hope anyone can help me out with this one. Thanks.