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Midi channel??

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I cannot for the life of me find any mention of how to set the midi channel... what am I missing?!?

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did you ever get the info?


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That`s what the manual says:


2.1.1 MIDI - Music Instrument Digital Interface
The DELTA CEP A has a MIDI input on the front panel. If you just want to play it over a MIDI
keyboard, connect the MIDI output of the keyboard to the MIDI input of the DELTA CEP A
and play it on the keys of the keyboard. If you see the GATE LED light up while playing,
you've done everything right. If the keyboard is set to a different MIDI channel, hold down
the DELTA CEP A [LEARN] key and press a note. Now the control should work.


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how to set the midi channel

You set the MIDI channels on your instrument by using the System Parameters menu. Check your owner's manual for specific procedures. After you assign your channels, your master keyboard sends the performance information for both the drum machine and the sound module playing the string sounds across one MIDI cable.

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