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27/09/2018 8:12 am  

Sorry for the stupid question as there is no manual yet...

From the video I saw it was possible to store up to 8 settings of all buttons and then to morph between them (great!). This means that the Delta is capable of storing patches. Will you have a patch save/load functionality?

As I didn't see a screen maybe that the Delta will have an USB connection to perform patch save/load on PC and maybe as well parameter editing by NRPN/CC?

Jorg Schaaf
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28/09/2018 3:33 am  

Sure. You have 40 preset memories with up to eight snapshots each.The Delta has no USB port and will not be capable of NRPN or CC editing. But you can play the Delta very expressive because of the snapshot automation. You can for example recall all the snapshots and in between sounds via velocity or do the morphing with a modulation wheel. Very impressive things can be done with the snapshot morphing!
The Delta will be capable of sending and receiving the patch data with audio streams. You can simply connect two Deltas with one patch cable to transfer sounds from one unit to another and you can store sound patches just by sending the data to your mobile phone.

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29/09/2018 9:22 am  

hello i am trying to update firmware to sac 2.2 and connect with cubase 9.5 without results?