Value-Fetching in R...

Value-Fetching in Revising Snapshot mode?  


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18/03/2019 9:31 pm  

After loading a snapshot with SHIFT+BIG-KNOB into revising mode (the LED right to the SHIFT button is blue), I expect the controllers to leave the sound unmodified until the stored postion is reached. This would be "Value-Fetching", correct?

However, it appears that every controller movement effects the sound immediately.

Is there some magic that I am missing?


Jorg Schaaf
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09/04/2019 2:00 am  

No, I need to check that. I just tried that with the Cutoff frequency and it worked fine. I turned the cutoff control down for my test, than I loaded a snapshot with an openened filter and adjusted the cutoff afterwards. I had to reach the original value before it applied changes. Please check it again and try to present me an example. Maybe some parameters don't do that? What I tried  worked fine.