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Help please ? ... SAC2.2 PC software ?

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Hi All  😀 


I've long been a Radikal fan ... It's great to see there's still a good forum, with many accomplished members. Having abandoned music past-times many years ago for poor health, I'm now retired, with time to start-over. I've greatly enjoyed getting started again with my old guitars, synths, drums and much early-millenium gear, that I just couldn't let go.

I'm determined to remain rodent-free, so central, is my beloved SAC 2.2 ... PC/Steinberg-based.

All was fine until my 3 x 500Gb archive HDD were damaged beyond recovery. I've lost 90% of my work and data from 1995, inc my Radikal files.


The SAC Archive downloads here are Mac. I much hope someone will kindly donate the PC files.


Does anyone here know if it is possible to use the SAC2.2 on Windows XP/7, via a midi-usb adapter cable, without the Radikal USB drivers ?


Please help if you can. I'll gladly reimburse reasonable costs.


In the meantime, I wish you all well and good fortune ... 😎 


Kind regards,