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Help please ? ... SAC2.2 PC software ?

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Hi All  😀 


I've long been a Radikal fan ... It's great to see there's still a good forum, with many accomplished members. Having abandoned music past-times many years ago for poor health, I'm now retired, with time to start-over. I've greatly enjoyed getting started again with my old guitars, synths, drums and much early-millenium gear, that I just couldn't let go.

I'm determined to remain rodent-free, so central, is my beloved SAC 2.2 ... PC/Steinberg-based.

All was fine until my 3 x 500Gb archive HDD were damaged beyond recovery. I've lost 90% of my work and data from 1995, inc my Radikal files.


The SAC Archive downloads here are Mac. I much hope someone will kindly donate the PC files.


Does anyone here know if it is possible to use the SAC2.2 on Windows XP/7, via a midi-usb adapter cable, without the Radikal USB drivers ?


Please help if you can. I'll gladly reimburse reasonable costs.


In the meantime, I wish you all well and good fortune ... 😎 


Kind regards,



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I'm trying the same...
And I've tried to install the site's drives...but nothing.
Does not recognize the controller...

Jorg Schaaf
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I am sorry! You need to run the SAC via MIDI. USB won't work at multicore CPUs on current OS versions.

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Hi Jörg,

lots of people are still using the SAC 2.2 - it's a great controller. Since there's no x64 USB driver available, I was thinking about initiating some sort of crowd funding project to finance the development of one. Is there any chance to get in touch with the original developer of the x32 driver ? Could you provide contact information via pm or via e-mail ?

Thx, Marco.