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Looks a bit lonely in here... a couple questions  


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04/03/2019 7:49 am  

I've owned an SAC-2K for many years and was happy to see that the software archive is back up as I had lost my original PC installation materials. I've always loved the build quality, layout, and functionality (when properly implemented by DAW manufacturers) so I brought it out of retirement along with an old i5 / WIN7 32 bit machine to dedicate to a little side project.   

I purchased it used, probably 10+ years ago, serial number 21355, and have a few questions.

The software is v. 3.08, USB is good and everything functions perfectly.  There is a shrink-tube encased dongle between each fader and the circuit board -- an old review mentioned something about a factory upgrade to improve fader performance and I'm wondering if the dongle is in fact that upgrade.  If so, is it now essentially a 2.2K?   I never quite knew what the differences were.  Also, any secret button pushes for diagnostics, etc.?  Only problem is tired faders -- planning to install new ones and start using it again.   Thanks in advance for any info!



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