LFO a' go go... Or,...

LFO a' go go... Or, how the hell do I sync these puppies!  


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22/09/2018 4:49 pm  

So, I've been using the spectralis on and off for some years. As far as I am aware LFO sync options (waveshape restart and BPM) have not yet been implemented. I have been trying to work out a HZ rate for the LFO's but can't seem to put my finger on it.

Is there an exact LFO HZ/BPM rate table for the spectralis?

Also, does the phase option in the master LFO section reset the LFO waveshape if the phase is above 0? It seems to suggest this in the manual but doesn't appear to work that way in tests.

So, there doesn't appear to be LFO sync (note on + waveshape reset) and no BPM sync as yet. Is that correct?



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23/01/2019 9:24 pm  

If you want a BPM synced lfo you need to use one of the main sequencer tracks as an lfo.

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17/04/2019 5:39 pm  

I had the same problem with my project

my review project