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Randomize pattern problem  


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14/05/2020 8:05 pm  

I've owned a Spectralis (V1 with the SM card slots) for a few years but it's been packed away until recently. I used to be on the old forum, this new place seems very empty (where'd everything go?) but I'm hopeful SOMEONE is around reading, as I need help! (No, not the men-in-white-coats kinda help - although friends would disagree I'm sure!) 😀

Does anyone here have much experience using the Creativator functions?

My machine is loaded up with lots of my own SLC and SLI sounds.

Randomizing sound parameters works great (hold SHIFT push VCA::EGRELEASE, then push a button on the bottom row to randomise a specific channel). Great!

Unfortunately randomizing patterns seems to be unreliable (push CREATIVATOR::RANDOMIZE, then push encoder under the LCD screen to select [PATTERN], then push RND:[ALL]) but nothing changes. Boo!

If I start with blank silent patterns, everything stays silent. Am I doing something wrong maybe?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Jorg Schaaf
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15/05/2020 3:23 pm  

The randomize pattern function works only, when you have some song and pattern content on the machine because it uses motifs, which are already in there. As soon as you have patterns in the Spectralis memory, it should work.

After pushing Randomize and then Pattern, you see the Spectralis enumerating through the memory. It changes nothing until:
Push the NUM-Button of the part, you would like to randomize. Push it again to get a different motif.

Good luck!

By the way. Inside the old forum were a lot of descriptions of things, that are not correct anymore, because of firmware updates.
There were also entries of former members, who not even own a Spectralis anymore. As they did not register again in the new forum, I have no chance to ask for a permission to publish their content again.
It's only easy if you do it without taking care for the current restrictions.

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18/05/2020 11:55 am  

Hi Jorg, thanks so much for replying. You've explained the situation perfectly! I must have cleared the internal memory before packing the machine away last time. Of course, with no pattern data stored, the randomizer cannot work. I had misunderstood that the randomizer would 'invent' step-data at random - this is not the case - understood. Whoops! 😳  

I love the idea that I might program a bank of drum rudiments, rolls, flams, fills - then instruct the machine to combine elements whilst the sequencer is running. When combined with the LINE sequencer skip, mute, and step probability features this could result in a delightfully elegant mechanism for building evolving rhythms with precision where necessary, and fluidity where desirable. 

Can you clarify if the Creativator can influence the LINE sequencer or only GROOVE motifs?

Can you also clarify if the Creativator operates at the step-data level? Could it 'decide' to blend steps 13-16 from one source with steps 01-12 from another source for example? or does it only choose entire whole motifs?

I hope with the answers to these questions I can better plan how to assemble a library of drum rudiments. I would like to know if I should program my rudiments as sequencer LINE or GROOVE motifs; and if I should program all rudiments beginning at step 01 (because the Creativator will choose where to inject the step-data) or to program many variations (a fill toward the end of a bar near steps 13-16, another mid-bar at steps 05-08 for example) because the Creativator will preserve programmed timings.

Good points about the old forum - just a bit sad to see anything online disappear. There were some gems there, but as you say best to have only accurate and current info. Starting fresh under new laws and expectations around data protection is probably best too. 😀