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Sample Loading Problems

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Hello, I‘ve loaded 4 Drum Samples into one SLC file and did assign those to the Category *Kick/Other*. As said in the Manual I booted the File and restarted the Spectralis and the file is shown as *loaded*. My Problem is, that now I can‘t find my Samples under the Category Kick/Other. Where did they disappear to? Is there a Search Function? How can I find my Samples?


thanks in advance 


Jorg Schaaf
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Hi Yann,

you probably searched in the normal sound select menu. But new samples only apprear inside the oscillator wave menu. So you can select your samples there. All the sound changes you program gets memorized inside the pattern as well. So there is in generell no need to save a sound for each sample. But if you found something special, you would love to use in other songs too, you can store it as a sound as well. As soon as you saved it as a sound, you can also load it in the select menu.

BTW.: Selections must always be confirmed by pushing the selection encoder button.

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same problem here