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Spectralis 1 CF reader broken possible to fix?  


Joshua Diamond
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17/04/2021 10:06 pm  


I am an owner of a Spectralis one I got when it was first made.

Today one of the compact flash drives disconnected from the word and fell into the unit.  I took it to my friend who fixes synthesizers and he doesn't have a replacement CF reader to attach to there board.  Anyway, I was wondering if its possible to still get a replacement CF Flash board for the Spectralis- or I remember years ago there was a Spectralis 1 to Spectralis 2 upgrade kit which I believe changed this board out for a different kind of media reader.

Anyway, would love to get this fixed if possible- if a new board is available I would love to get one- my repair shop friend says its an easy fix if I could get a board.

Any info would be appreciated!