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Spectralis Sound Converter - Windows 10?  


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10/03/2020 7:54 pm  

I'm a Spectralis 1 owner and I'm trying to use the Spectralis Sound Converter utility on my windows 10 laptop. The issue I'm having is that when I drag my WAV file to the dialog it doesn't appear in a list. When I look at the INI file I can see the name of what I tried to add.... but in the application I don't ever see the file(s) listed and I cannot Export. Do I have to find a Windows 7 or XP computer? Thanks!

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14/05/2020 9:37 am  

Hopefullly you've already solved your problem but I thought I'd chime in - maybe this'll help.

Someone on the (old) forum suggested using SWAMI ( to build SLI and SLC banks on MacOS. The SWAMI editor is cross platform, supporting Windows, MacOS, and Linux - all based on the Polyphone soundfont editor, some nice person added Spectralis SLI and SLC format import and export. 

It is more complicated to use than the SpectImp exe tool, but it does allow you to build banks.

The project looks to be abandoned but the MacOS build I have is stable, there is a windows exe build from 2014 on the sourceforge site linked below which might help

- zenpho

PS: man, what happened to the old RT forums - this place looks snazzy but all of the old posts are gone it seems

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16/06/2020 9:50 am  

Hi @zenpho are you able to send me your built swami app? either dmg or files, as i do not how to build it from scratch and do not own a linux machine, would be greatly appreciated if you can i will send you my email 🙂