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„Swing“ Settings on Drum Groove  


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04/04/2020 7:31 pm  

Hello, playing around on the Spectralis, I noticed that 16th Notes (and all others, but it´s most notably on the hats) are not in an accurate timing, they seem to have some kind of swing. How can i access the menu for that to turn off the swing?

Thanks in advance 🙂

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14/05/2020 9:52 am  

Swing parameters show up when you push Groove Edit::Function

Dial in the amount and toggle the desired parts that you want to swing.

By default no parts will be swung, but by pressing the 1-15 part buttons you can toggle your hihats to swing whilst the DSynth2 bassline stays straight for example.

There's a parameter to apply settings for just this pattern, or all patterns in the song.