RT1936 – Guitar Preamp & Envelope Follower

RT1936 Preamp & Envelope Follower
RT1936 Guitar Preamp & Envelope Follower

Guitar players usually have a very keen sense for pleasantly saturating guitar preamps. An effective tone control and a gripping mid-booster – it’s more about the quality and character of a few tone shapers than endless possibilities. Our analog tube simulation allows you to create a variety of very different tones right from the start. The signal processed in this way can be further tweaked immediately in your modular system or recorded into your DAW. But that’s not all. The envelope follower and the gate signal can be used to directly control the sound-shaping elements of your eurorack system.

Of course, the tube simulation is perfect for your synthesizer line outputs as well. Everything is possible, from subtle texture extensions to brute distortions! Doubling drum tracks from a groovebox works like a charm. Just connect an individual out from your groovebox and feed the signal into the RT1936 – it generates a gate signal from the drum sound that can trigger your modularsystem.

Synthesizer, Eurorack Modules