EFFEXX String Filter workshop

A snappy noiseshot from the Delta CEP A2 turns into something different in the EFFEXX multi FX module RT-1701. The delaytime of the string filter is controlled by the Delta’s step sequencer. Maybe you have not noticed yet, that the step sequencer of the Delta CEP A2 does not only work with the internal sound engine but also with the KB-CV output of the Delta’s MIDI2CV converter.


DELTA CEP A Stepsequencer Workshop Premiere on Youtube!

I am happy to announce the Youtube Premiere with Live Chat on Tuesday, September, 26th at 9pm EST (21:00 in Germany). If you have any questions during the premiere, you can contact me directly at the live chat! I will present the new step sequencer but will cover the sound design of typical sequencer-sounds as well. Looking forward to see you there!

Link to the Youtube Premiere


Delta CEP A & A2 version 2 & new manuals

We are happy to announce, that the new firmware release version of the DELTA CEP A and it’s successor, the DELTA CEP A2 is now online! New manuals have been written to make sure you benefit from all new features from the first moment. The manual contains a detailed update procedure. Beside enhancements for the user interface we added a performance step sequencer and full MIDI parameter control. The Desktop versions even sends all knob movements out.

Firmware Version 2.0 from September, 7th 2023

Manual UK/USA (English language version):
Manual DE (German language version):

Delta CEP A & RT-311 pairing instructions

I describe in detail how the communication between the DELTA CEP and the Swarm Oscillator RT-311get established. After the connection and setup, the RT-311 follows the notes one plays via MIDI with the DELTA CEP A. That means, in paraphonic mode, the RT-311 plays chords instead of multiple oscillators with equal pitch.

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