Delta CEP A missing presets download

Unfortunately we shipped 6 units to different dealers with the new OS 1.5 but without the preset data. Below you’ll find two soundfiles with the missing preset data. One of them overwrites the USER PRESETS and the other one overwrites the ROM Presets. A big sorry to customers, who received a unit without our soundset.

The installation of the soundsets is quite simple:
1.) Connect the audio player output to the external input in the MIXER section of the DELTA CEP A which is just between the oscillator and the filter section. It is not necessary to setup the ext. signal level as the unit detects the input data independent from the set gain.
2.) Set the DELTA CEP A into PATCH SELECT mode by hitting PATCH if not already done.
3.) Play the complete file to the Delta CEP A. The LEDs left from the big knob will show the progress. It will count the snapshot memories 40 times for 40 presets with green LED lights for USER memories and yellow for ROM presets. If the level is too high the LEDs turn red. In that case just restart from the beginning with less volume.
4.) When the file has been received completely, the unit will show the pink LED lights of the PATCH SELECT mode again.

WARNING: The file with the User presets overwrites all your own user presets. But you can backup them. You’ll find all informations about that in the owners manual.

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