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New workshop Video: Radikal Technologies – Delta CEP A

We recently did a modular workshop at SchneidersLaden in Berlin. Workshops at SchneidersLaden are taking place always on Saturdays. They always start with a little modular improvisation. We are very happy that the staff at SchneidersLaden produced a great video of the entire workshop. So if you missed it you can watch it now. You will learn a lot about the Delta CEP A and in the second chapter about the Radikal Modules as well.

New workshop Video: Radikal Technologies – Delta CEP A

Delta CEP A drum-sounds demo

People often ask us, whether the  Delta Cep A is capable of producing drum sounds. So we created this little demo for you. We programmed drum sounds, sampled them and transferred them into the Spectralis. Afterwards we programmed a couple of patterns and played a little drum session with it. While the patterns were running we tweaked the FX-returns of the mixing desk. We only used the internal FXs of the mixer – the plate reverb with a very short reverb time and the LoFi delay.

Here is a little audio demo:


The Spectralis SLC files can be found here:
Spectralis sample sets

Below you can listen again to the same sound demo. But this time we added some compression. We used the Logic Pro-X Classic VCA compressor with limiting!


RT-1701 Multi-FX EFFEXX demonstration

I created a little video demonstrating the tempo delay, flanger, reverb and lowpass filter of the RT-1701 EFFEXX module. At the last third I create some snapshots and crossfade/interpolate through them. The drum groove comes from the Spectralis 2. I created the drumsounds with my eurorack system and imported the samples into the Spectralis 2 sample engine. The kick drum doesn’t run through the EFFEXX in this example.

EFFEXX RT-1701: New Audio Demo Vintage Delay


One of the most popular FX algorithms nowadays is a vintage style tape delay emulation. The modification of the delay time caused a pitch change because you moved the head directly at some devices or/and switched to another motor speed what involved acceleration effects. The EFFEXX sports up to two of these vintage delays simultaneously plus reverb, post EQ and pre overdrive. With other words – you can create really spectacular SFXs with the module. As a sound source I used the RT-311 Swarm Oscillator and the RT-451 Dual Multimode Filter. Furthermore I added three Doepfer modules to this setup – the A-155 Analog Trigger Sequencer, the A-132 Dual VCA and one A-140 envelope generator.

RT-1701 EFFEXX: Pad Sound demo


I uploaded that audio file to soundcloud earlier today but for any reason the soundcloud version was full of glitches. So I uploaded the file to our homebase. You are listening to a dry pad sound from the Spectralis. I faded in three different FXs beginning with a Stereo Flanger, followed by a stereo delay and ending with an additional reverbration FX. At the end of the soundfile I am removing the FXs again and you can listen again to the dry version of the file. All FXs are playing in realtime from a single EFFEXX module.